PAYASO [coming 2022]

The world’s a tough place, and this clown is just in search of a good laugh.

He won everyone’s heart in the RAID.ONE anthology published in 2017, and now Payaso’s is returning in a full length OGN in 2022.

KUKUBURI [2007 – 2012, 2020, Relaunching FALL 2021]

Nadia’s daily routine as a delivery girl in the bustling Big City is disrupted one day when she passes through what seems like an ordinary white picket gate and into theInbetween. Kukuburi follows her adventures as Nadia stumbles through this new world and tries to find her place within it. Populated by strange denizens from a child’s imagination there is excitement and danger lurking around every corner.

As the story unfolds we will learn Nadia’s purpose in this strange land, as well as the why and where this strange place exists.

Read the story to date at or on instagram at @kukuburi


A personal endeavour with friend and co-creator Rob Coughler. Butternutsquash, an online comic for 5 years with a print edition that was released in 2005, is a story of friendship based on the odd and peculiar lives of its creators.

First up is Ramon, the artist. A man whose love of women is overshadowed only by his failure with them. Next, let us introduce his best friend Rob. This self-proclaimed bacon fetishist is powered by caffeine alone. Following close behind are Vince and his dog Cola. The less said about these two lovebirds the better. And lastly, let’s not forget Evan, their quirky companion with an unhealthy reverence of Tony Danza.

Joined by a cast of many, our heroes bare all and show you an uncensored look at life. Enjoying their day to day existence in their own self deluded world where coffee is a healthy part of every meal, sex toys are an ideal accessory for any situation and Dean Martin croons in the background.

Wether the ladies find them charming or down right disturbing these boys are out to enjoy life and drink it dry.

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Kukuburi, Payaso, and all related characters are © Ramón Pérez. Butternutsquash and all related characters are © Ramón Pérez & Rob Coughler.